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We are passionate about automotive paintwork, be it old or new. Our mission is to protect and maintain the ‘one and only’ original factory car paint on behalf of our customers. We take pride in our paint restoration skills and detailing techniques, which are second to none in Hong Kong.

We have built a solid reputation for having the strictest quality control standards amongst the auto detailing scene in Hong Kong, with a promise to reinstate a sparkling ‘candy gloss’ car paint finish for our client’s vehicles.
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The Invisible Shield
Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the toughest permanent car body protection option in the market.

With superior durability, PPF offers reliable and effective paint protection with self-healing properties against physical damages, including high-impact rock chips, scratches and minor parking bumps. It also delays car paint weathering from heat, UV exposure and acid rain.
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Paint Conditioning & Enhancement
Car Coating
Car coating greatly enhances the car paintwork’s radiance, glossiness and colour depth, producing a smooth and sparkling 'Candy Gloss' finish.

A properly installed car coating enables long-lasting protective and hydrophobic surfaces on the car body, strengthening a vehicle’s ability to repel water, dust and stains, while offering paint protection against non-physical damages, such as UV exposure, heat, acid rain and other road contaminants.
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Technically Certified by GYEON
Car Owners Must Know
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Preserve Your Original Car Paint
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Paint Protection Film vs. Car Coating
PPF and Coating Pros and Cons Comparison
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Car Wash Q&A
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